Friday, December 05, 2014

Autómata (Sci-Fi 2014)

Whoa, I think I was just snukered by the trailer...this was actually a low-budget robot movie. Do you know what Antonio Banderas has been doing with his career? Volunteering to star in dog shit like this to make ends meet.

Yeah this movie was pretty friggin' bad. It was supposed to be about robots gaining self-awareness and breaking through some barrier with programming protocols, but they tried to do it with absolutely no story. I mean I Robot was an enjoyable film, but they actually put effort into trying to make a damn movie. This one was a college film school attempt at best. Don't these losers know that a movie isn't about spending your whole budget on one car chase scene? You can totally make it work with good dialog and not crappy acting.

The failed to make a believable backstory, they only had one real character, and they replicated a bunch of futuristic stuff from the aforementioned I Robot, A.I., and Judge Dredd. Super lame. And to top everything off, Mr. Antonio's English is getting worse and worse...I could barely understand him at all. He should've just done it in Spanish and had subtitles. What a waste of a few hours.
Rating - D