Monday, December 22, 2014

22 Jump Street (Comedy 2014)

The first iteration of the series had some funny laughs, so I only assumed that they would've pulled it off again with round 2; I was wrong. Although this movie did have a few funny moments, it was overall way too unbelievable. And yes I could a film like this be realistic at all, but we're talking Ace Ventura unbelievable with a side of The Naked Gun.

I think there's always a limit with silly comedies where the plot is such hogwash and the characters just don't match up such that the whole thing turns into a ultra corny mess...and this is what happened here.

So I'll give it some props because some parts of the film were funny, but a lot of the jokes were predictable and in some scenes everyone was trying too hard because they knew the movie sucked.
Rating - C