Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Book of the Dead: Matt Kearns 2 by Greig Beck (Book 2014)

In this latest installment from Greig Beck, we follow around Professor Matt Kearns as he takes the lead in uncovering the source of numerous sinkholes that have opened up around the world.

The beginning of this book was pretty good in setting up the mystery and history behind the central plot. As the story moves along, we bump into a familiar face from a previous adventure Matt had with Alex Hunter. This addition adds enough spice to push the story along even further. The middle and end of the book is where things will attract some criticism. It ceased being a mildly plausible story to pure fiction. All of Greig's other books required some bending with regards to scientific rules and one's imagination, but they almost always remained in the world of possibility. It's a bit disappointing that this pattern didn't continue with this latest novel.

Overall the book was an engrossing read and a fun adventure. It was very well written kept me fully engaged, but I'll admit that I liked a few of his other books much better than this one.
Rating - Mid