Saturday, November 08, 2014

Interstellar (Sci-Fi 2014)

So I saw this movie opening night via IMAX. Crazy stuff. The sound was a bit too loud but it literally shook the seats during times when shaking was happening on screen so perhaps that was planned? Either way a nice experience.

This movie was one of those epic thinking ones. It was very Christopher Nolan-esque in that it had a similar styling to Inception, but in space. Yeah it will go down in the record books as a film that can spur a bunch of conversation and debate since not 100% of things is explained fully to the audience. Some of the science stuff went way over my head, but the parts that made sense were pretty cool.

I don't think I could even explain what happened in the movie because there was so much to tell and a lot of information did or did not match up. I'm sure physics and science geeks are having a field day. So yeah the story was crazy, but in a good way, sound was spot on, and cinematography was also very well done. This is not your average sci-fi film. It was a very well thought out story that brings to light many parts of humanity and science all into a swirling mass.
Rating - A+