Friday, October 24, 2014

Target's Item Stock Checker

Since the holiday's are right around the corner, here's an FYI to anyone wondering how accurate Target's in-store stock checker is. We were on the hunt for a gold iPhone 6 Plus and boy was it out of stock everywhere. I signed up through one of those notification websites and a few days later, I got an email around 7AM stating that the local Target got one. I kept on checking throughout the day to see if anyone had already ganked it, but it still showed up as In Stock, so after work I wandered down and it was actually still there. The lady said that she had only gotten 1 in that AM. I kept on checking 5-10 min after the purchase was made, but it still said In-Stock. After I drove home it had changed to Out of Stock, so ballpark timeframe for Target's system to update their inventory is 10-30min.