Thursday, August 28, 2014

LZR-1143: Infection By Bryan James (Book 2010)

Yeah this zombie book wasn't really good. It wasn't horrible, like some others I've read, but it didn't have a convincing story either. In this one you follow around a guy who was in a loony bin for a murder. He ends up surviving, escaping, and then pairs up with a hot shrink. They meet up with a few more peeps and the plot continues on.

I suppose I would say that the characters were just a boring bunch that lacked substance. After finishing the book a few days ago, I've already forgot what happened during the whole middle portion of the story. I do remember that the ending was a lame twist that just made my eyes roll back. I'm surprised that this book is now part of a series. It's definitely one that I will not be partaking in.
Rating - Low