Saturday, August 02, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy (Sci-Fi Action Adventure 2014)

Ha! It's about time these summer-movie bastards released something good. And here we have it...the best movie of summer 2014 hands down.

This flick was very enjoyable. It perhaps wasn't as streamlined or immersive as some other Marvel films, but the humor and silliness made for a very satisfying watch. I would say it's a cross among Firefly, Star Wars IV, and Avengers. Those other films/series has a more solid story, but this movie aimed to make you laugh. It wasn't as over the top as Spaceballs or anything, but you feel connected to the characters and when they have their witty banter, it's just like being back in a living room with your most immature friends.

I liked this movie and it seems a lot of other people did as well. So yeah, although it wasn't as developed as other films of the same caliber, it was a hell of a lot more enjoyable.
Rating - B