Thursday, August 28, 2014

LZR-1143: Infection By Bryan James (Book 2010)

Yeah this zombie book wasn't really good. It wasn't horrible, like some others I've read, but it didn't have a convincing story either. In this one you follow around a guy who was in a loony bin for a murder. He ends up surviving, escaping, and then pairs up with a hot shrink. They meet up with a few more peeps and the plot continues on.

I suppose I would say that the characters were just a boring bunch that lacked substance. After finishing the book a few days ago, I've already forgot what happened during the whole middle portion of the story. I do remember that the ending was a lame twist that just made my eyes roll back. I'm surprised that this book is now part of a series. It's definitely one that I will not be partaking in.
Rating - Low

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Z-Risen: Outbreak by Timothy W. Long (Book 2014)

This zombie book was mediocre. It went totally too fast and had next to no character development. I only finished it a few days ago and I barely remember what happened in it. That shows that none of the characters or plot ever had time to marinate and leave an impression.

My advice to the author would be to slow down and start building up some characters otherwise this will turn into a series that people will not continue reading.
Rating - Low

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Gunnar Vayper Digital Optiks

So yeah my eyes always seem like they hurt these days. It's probably due to all of the LCD-watching, but that can't be helped unless someone makes a device that I can just plug into my face to receive visual input.

I've already made one review of a pair of Gunnar glasses, but that turned into more of a bitch session over the whole prescription mess. This time around it was different because these glasses were on sale for around $40 instead of the regular $80-$90 price. Additionally I went into it knowing what I would be getting--non-prescription digital glasses.

I got this model because the fit was listed as "medium", as opposed to my original PPKs which were "wide". I'll admit it though, I think I made a mistake. These mediums are more curved, which goes against the shape of my flat-ass face. The length across also seems to be more narrow as well. So yeah, if I ever go through this again, I'll definitely get a wide-fit model. But since I wasn't planning on returning these, I ended up bending the middle so the frames wouldn't curve in so much. Now it feels much better so that's a good thought.

As an eye-ache preventer they do sorta work. I get less eye-aches after I get off of work, but I still do get them quite often. I swear if I have a tumor or something that would just plain suck, but every year Mr. Optometrist says it's just dry eyes...yeah...we'll see about that.

So yeah the glasses do sorta work and they give a slight magnification on the computer screen which allows you to focus more, but they totally aren't worth full price. If you can find a pair on sale then yeah, it's a nice thing to have around. But one thing I did notice is that if your eyes or head already hurt, wearing these will make it worse.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy (Sci-Fi Action Adventure 2014)

Ha! It's about time these summer-movie bastards released something good. And here we have it...the best movie of summer 2014 hands down.

This flick was very enjoyable. It perhaps wasn't as streamlined or immersive as some other Marvel films, but the humor and silliness made for a very satisfying watch. I would say it's a cross among Firefly, Star Wars IV, and Avengers. Those other films/series has a more solid story, but this movie aimed to make you laugh. It wasn't as over the top as Spaceballs or anything, but you feel connected to the characters and when they have their witty banter, it's just like being back in a living room with your most immature friends.

I liked this movie and it seems a lot of other people did as well. So yeah, although it wasn't as developed as other films of the same caliber, it was a hell of a lot more enjoyable.
Rating - B