Thursday, July 17, 2014

Windshield Crack PSA

So here's a pubic service announcement to those who may one day be unfortunate enough to get a crack in one's windshield. I obviously did, watched some Youtube videos, and thought I could tackle the job. For some reason, even though I read the instructions and all, I still managed to royally fuck it up.

The cause of the mistake was that my logical brain didn't understand that the hole that is made from the rock is the ONLY point where the resin can enter. Think about this now. Rock hits windshield, force creates a small hole, the rest of the pressure creates cracks from the hole, and the most important part, the cracks are NOT on the friggin' surface meaning that all the magic happens through the hole. (Haha you dirty...)

The physics behind a windshield repair kit is pretty simple as well. You get this 4-suction cup apparatus and hook it up so that the center tube is aligned over the hole. Next the center tube can be pushed down so it applies pressure onto the windshield to create a seal. Next there's a twisty screw that goes into the center tube and applies airtight pressure downwards, like a plunger. What you're supposed to do is shove liquid resin into the center tube and use the plunger to force resin through the tube, into the hole, and down to the cracks. You're supposed to repeat this process of putting in more resin and plungering it down, but for some reason I missed this critical step. My dumbass only did it once. So after the hole was filled up (not the cracks), I finished off the chemical reaction by putting some special plastic piece over the hole location and leaving the car out in the sun. The second the chemical reaction took place, I fucked myself since the resin turned solid but the cracks are still visible because none of the resin ever reached that far. Of course I tried to put resin on the surface, but that's when I figured out that the cracks were below the surface and only accessible via the main hole.

In summary, what does this all mean? If you get a crack in your windshield, call your insurance company and see if they have a free yearly windshield repair policy or something like that. I have Geico and yes, they most certainly do.

You're supposed to get the crack repaired ASAP as opposed to waiting. I guess the reasons are that more debris can enter in through the hole, the cracks can spread, or somehow as more time passes, the harder or crappier a repair can get. So if I would've not tried to be Mr. Fixit with this thing, my insurance company would've paid a glass company to come out and fix it for free. Bah! Now I'm stuck with this ugly star crack in the center of the windshield.