Sunday, July 27, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction (Action 2014)

Michael Bay is ruining everything. What was the last good film he did with action in it? It totally seems like he lost his muse and is drowning in a sea of special effects and copy/pasting.

This movie was a fucking mess. At least in most of the earlier Transformers films, he tried to partially integrate the real actors with the CG robots, but in this one he plain old gave up on that. Mark Wahlberg is still Mark Wahlberg, so that's a good thing...he always has that flabbergasted look on his face but it's endearing. Everyone else was a throwaway character. Wahlberg had a daughter, played by Nicola Peltz, who was there say the lines "Help Me!!" and "I love you daddy" no less than 15 times each.

But the main kicker was that all of the action sequences were 3x too long. Not exaggerating either...they lasted for oh so long. I remember the days when it cost too much money to make CG scenes, so when they did it, they actually planned it better so they could get the most efficient bang for their buck. But not here...unlimited funds, so Michael Bay just copy/pasted a bunch of fighting algorithms into a program and had it render from many different angles.

The product placement was laughable as well. I now feel like driving a Chevy Sonic with a Bud Light in my hands while tailing a Bugatti. So is this the path movies are going these days? Having blatant product placement to fund films? How tacky. This movie was dumb and unfocused. Please stop this downwards spiral.
Rating - D