Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas (FPS/RPG PC Game 2010)

So during this Summer's Steam sale I bought this game thinking that it would actually be as good as Fallout 3; and with my luck of course I was wrong.

Although the gameplay dynamics were more/less the same, I didn't have fun with this standalone version. Nothing was entertaining about it. Shooting was cumbersome, the RPG aspects were annoying, the world was drab, and yeah I didn't find any part of it fun. Right after playing this I loaded up Skyrim again, and although it has similar dynamics since it's also a Bethesda game, "fun" came back to my PC. So how did that happen? Who knows really. All I know is that I would've rather had purchased a few burgers instead of having this game stuck in my Steam collection forever.
Rating - Low