Sunday, July 27, 2014

Divinity - Original Sin (3rd Person Turn-Based PC Game 2014)

Well fuck, I've been tricked again. Do not believe all the hype around this best-selling RPG game on Steam. It is not fun. I've been playing PC RPGs ever since 1991's release of Pool of Radiance and man...I don't get why everyone is hyping up this game so much.

The positives are that it really is detailed with regards to visuals and level builds. For example they didn't put 3 barrels in one location just because. The design seems to have function and thought. In addition, combat is neat since it looks like a Diablo clone from the screenshots, but then it turns into what Dragon Age: Origins would've been if the camera was fixed in a Diablo angle. The combat is also turn-based, like Might and Magic, just without the grid.

The negatives are that it's way too detailed such that you end up rebuilding your group hundreds of times because you figure out that you did something wrong in the beginning. Did you ignore the skill of "talking to animals"? Well you just screwed yourself out of some interesting plot later on. Select a wrong or unhelpful skill? Well that 1 point makes your character dramatically crappier. Mix 2 magic "schools" that don't compliment each other? Well combat just got a lot harder. I've rebuilt my group SO many friggin' times that it's now just way too frustrating to continue on.

They made the game more "realistic" like super old school D&D, but that means that you die a whole lot more. If you screw up in your group creation and/or spells and attributes, you will get your ass handed to you later on. Games shouldn't be like this. Sure...make it hard, but don't make it so difficult that you end up grumbling about your group and hating their existence to the point that you start all over yet again.
Rating - Low