Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Bravely Default (RPG 3DS Game 2014)

So this was the final game that I got for the 3DS XL before selling the system. The RPG was totally just like the original NES Final Fantasy, but it goes to show how people totally age and change. Back in the day I woulda played the hell outta this thing, but when I tried to get into it I found that it didn't keep my attention at all.

I suppose a small part of the reason can be associated with the fact that the 3DS made my eyes and head hurt even with the 3D feature turned off. Perhaps my eyes can't deal with the low-res.

This game itself was fine, so I won't dog it in the ratings, but yeah it had a whole combat/profession system that was "different" from what I was used to and yeah I find that I no longer have time to sit there and calculate resistance points, damage and defense values, and the whole bit. I never thought that one day I wouldn't be into this type of RPG, but low and behold---I no longer have the patience for it.
Rating - Mid