Sunday, July 06, 2014

Blended (Romantic Comedy 2014)

You know it's funny. Never would I have thought that an Adam Sandler movie would be funnier than a Seth Macfarlane one but here is some proof. This movie made me laugh while A Million Ways to Die in the West did not. Although it was full of a good number of corny and stupid jokes, it also had many simple, situational comments that brought out humor.

What this film reminded me of was all of the other romcom movies that these two actors starred in. They did a lot of 'em and a lot of those ones sucked. So yeah, it goes to show if you add more characters, some lameness, some silliness, and a good number of well-placed one-liners you can have a mildly entertaining movie.

So as weird as it may sound, I can't ignore the fact that I did laugh more times verses the number of times I silently said "that was a stupid joke/scene".
Rating - B