Saturday, July 12, 2014

Apocalypse Z: The Wrath of the Just by Manel Loureiro (Book 2014)

So this book was the last in this 3-part series. Unfortunately it wasn't the best book as I think the initial story took the crown for that. This one was OK as the group of survivors land on the shores of Louisiana and have to deal with a whole new set of problems there. Weird part was the primary story about the racist "community" that got established in the city. I don't think the leftover minorities living the US would deal with such a situation for too long...especially if killing and lawlessness was commonplace.

The story had a super odd split where the surviving North Koreans decided on sending troops to the same Louisiana town. This sub-plot was very much out of place and didn't quite make sense.

So good thing was that the author wrapped up the series in decent form. Bad thing was that it started strong but ended weak.
Rating - Low