Sunday, June 01, 2014

Raising the Past by Jeremy Robinson (Book 2013)

I had thought that this book would be another adventure one, but unfortunately I was mistaken. The beginning started out OK, introducing all of the characters and setting up the premise of a mammoth encased in ice, but then the story went off a cliff as it went into aliens and philosophy.

I read another one of Jeremy Robinson's books, Island 731, which as I recall was pretty good except for some odd-ball parts. But yeah this book totally tricked the reader into thinking that it would be more scientific and anthropologic, but instead it just turned into a bucket of silly.

The main characters were PhD scientists who all magically turned into Indiana Jones mixed with a Crossfit enthusiasts. That was far from believable. On top of this, a lot of people started dying off and these characters barely blinked an eye. Normal people would have total emotional breakdowns; especially academics, so again way too unrealistic for my tastes.

Long story short, this book wasn't what it seemed to be from the description since the characters, story, and setting were all too fanciful. It felt like I was watching a really crappy movie after the aliens came into play, and unfortunately that lasted all the way to the end.
Rating - Low