Saturday, June 07, 2014

Apocalypse Z: Dark Days by Manel Loureiro (Book 2013)

Pretty good read for this 2nd book to the series. It's always nice when you jump around to different authors and genres and then to come back to a style of writing that is both familiar and comfortable. Manel's writing is just that; simple and to the point.

Even though I pretty much forgot the whole plot from the first book, the beginning in this one gave a very good intro that allowed the reader to jump right back into the mix. It was a perfect insertion. In this sequel, the crew reaches the Canary Islands and then pseudo-reintegrates back into the remnants of civilization. Unfortunately the book never really gets into "daily life" on the island because in the very next chapter, the two main characters are sent back to Spain for a supply run. Drama happens and the end of this book leaves the characters in as unstable of footing as the first book left them.

I would've liked it if this book was longer and had more details pertaining to life on the island, but at least there is a 3rd book now. Got to wait a month to rent it.
Rating - High