Saturday, May 03, 2014

Titanfall (FPS PC Game 2014)

So I knew exactly what I was getting into before I bought this game: fast-paced shooting. Unfortunately I also knew that it was only a matter of time before I would get bored of it; and surprise surprise, I'm bored. What a great time to write a short review.

So yeah this is just another shooter with the added concept of mechs and how you can summon them as a chassis or an AI-controlled helper bot. Multiplayer is very quick, but it's exactly the same as your average COD game. They have a "campaign mode" which only has a few cut-scenes and added dialog, but no real AI battles since all the baddies in the campaign are real people. So this game would be better defined as a pure MP game that they try to encapsulate around a weak story & world.

The game is all about luck...if you run by a person without seeing them and they shoot you in the back, all the points go to them. Sure there's the twitch factor of FPS gaming, but it's rare for you ever to be in some sort of direct mano-a-mano combat. One person always sees the other person first and then ransacks them from behind. Is it fun when you're the lucky one? Yup. But does it get old? Yup.

The game tries to hook you with the initial purchase and then they sell DLCs with new maps and guns. I could see some 14-year old loving the hell out of this, but I sure don't. I'm from the generation where a game should be one complete extravaganza and then something totally separate should be released. DLCs are just another way to make money by restricting content and it sucks...just like micro-transactions. Either way, Titanfall was fun while it lasted but I'm pretty burned out. They should totally make a real, single-person campaign; it would probably turn out much better than Killzone was.
Rating - Mid