Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Railway Man (Drama 2013)

I didn't think this movie was all that good. It was about a British guy who was haunted by demons from his past which stemmed from his time as a POW working on the Burmese Railway.

The story and experiences of the real-life guy this movie was based on was quite tragic since it had all the ingredients of what it was like being a WWII prisoner like beatings, torture, starvation, and the like, but the writing and pace of the film was too slow and bland. It was very English if you've seen other films that have come out of the UK. It's hard to feel for the actor-character since he seemed like an ass who treated his nice wife like crap. I suppose it went along with the plot of the guy having PTSD, but still...

For a drama I give it a no. The acting was not convincing enough to make me care about the main character.
Rating - C