Thursday, May 22, 2014

The First Bird by Greig Beck (Book 2013)

This book was originally put out in three separate episodes, but was later released with all of them combined. I remember finishing the first and was quite bummed that the second one had not been written yet. Fast forward a year and now I've finally gotten around to finishing off the whole package.

I'll keep it short since there really was a lot to this story. The first and second books were awesome, but the third one somehow got pretty bad at the end. It turned into a post-apoc, pseudo-zombie-ish story that didn't quite make sense. To top all this off, one of the main characters lost her marbles over an "emotional response" and pretty much jeopardized the whole purpose of the first two books. In all honesty it seemed like someone else wrote the last part of this really did because it just made no sense for a character that you kinda got to know to totally go out of character for a very unconvincing reason.

The ending of the book was also confusing and I still don't really know what happened. I'm no evolutionary biologist, but as far as I know, a plant can only contain 1 set of DNA, its own. How can it produce different sets of species via mutation and atavism? Scientifically something either totally flew by my head or there is a logical problem here.

Either way the premise of the story was good and the majority of the writing was excellent as well...but the last episode was not very good compared to Beck's other works.
Rating - Mid