Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunny (Foreign Korean Drama 2011)

This was another fine example of a good Korean drama. I know that if they tried to make a US version of this movie with an average Hollywood production company, it would fall flat on its ass.

The film jumped back and forth between present day and past experiences of a group of friends who met back in HS in the early 80s. In the present, one of the characters got cancer and was close to dying and another one of the group made it a mission to try to find all the members of the old group. The director did a good job with the scene jumping and the costumes during the 80s was pretty spot on with the mix of Korean stuff. But jean jackets and colorful outfits were definitely in. It was a very good drama for a first time watch. I know that it would decrease in stature if I ever saw it again, but overall it did strike a chord.
Rating - A