Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dark Space (Book 3): Origin by Jasper T. Scott (Book 2014)

I finally finished this series. about something you don't want to read anymore, but you just have to because there are currently 3 books in the series. A bit obsessive-compulsive but oh well.

I believe I briefly covered it in a previous review, but this author is great at creating characters you'd love to hate. All of the characters, from the primaries to the baddies to the expendable ones are all crappy people who make bad choices wherever they go. Doesn't the author know that a reader has to kinda relate to at least one character in order to enjoy a story? If everyone is making no sense with their choices, how is a person supposed to take the plot seriously?

Yeah suffice to say, this weak attempt at a space opera was disappointing and tiresome. This actual book was better than the second one, and the ending was actually OK, but the road to get there was a bore. No more from this Jasper fellow.
Rating - Mid