Saturday, February 01, 2014

Xenon HID Headlight Kit sold by

So a long while back in my original Prius review, I had commented that the headlights on the car sucked pretty bad and that I missed the Xenons that the Infiniti had. Well I found some time, researched a bit, and discovered that there were many companies out there that sold kits. Many eons ago when I had Mr. Civic, I had purchased some white-bluish bulbs for around $20 and promptly got pulled over because of them. There seems to be a huge difference between replacing bulbs and actually having lights that look like they belong on a luxury class automobile. Long story short, it has to do with the gas inside of the bulb and the electricity needed to light up the gas in order to produce a certain "legal" color.

HID kits come with Xenon HID bulbs, wiring harnesses, and two metal electronic boxes called ballasts that are connected between the power and the bulbs. They behave much like the Saab and Infiniti did by flickering on and then staying solidly on. Although there are pretty cheap kits on Amazon, I paid double for a kit sold through The store had a pretty convincing YouTube video so I gave them an A for effort.

So I ordered the kit and within a week it arrived. The whole thing was a bolt-on set as in you only have to plug-and-play; no splicing of wires or messing with an added connection to the battery. It took an hour or so the first time, but now I can set one up in under 15 min. But unfortunately I did hit a snag. After I got everything setup, one side's ballast gave off this god-awful buzzing sound and the light was flickering.

I ended up emailing (They didn't respond within 24 hours so don't use this communication mechanism) and then calling the company, and the rep/owner person sent me out a replacement ballast including a free return shipping label; all USPS priority mail so not bad. Good thing was that the new ballast worked fine and everything has been kosher since.

Although the pics look more blue than white, they really are quite white in real life. I got the 4300K bulbs, but I think some of the other bulbs they sold would've made it more blue which was not the color scheme I was looking for.

Overall the light spread is umpteen times better such that I can actually see at night time as well as when it's raining. I'm glad that the price of these kits have plummeted down to reasonable prices. Would I buy from XenonSupply again? Maybe, but I would also probably read up on the cheaper alternatives and how good their support is. Since these kits are more/less a commodity item with the same set of warranties for the bulbs and ballasts, it really does boil down to support and the ability to get a replacement if need be.