Sunday, February 23, 2014

SMB Share Creation Error

Server: Physical
OS: Windows 2008
Feature: File Server Cluster (2 Node)

Error: New SMB shared folder cannot be created. The object already exists.

Story: Once this occurred after a failover for patching. All of the hundreds of other shares re-appeared fine but for some reason a single SMB share did not reappear.

Symptoms: No share in listing. Folder location's NTFS permissions were all messed up and were listed as access denied. Had to take ownership to access. Folder location was listed as not being shared out. No odd event logs.

Attempt: When you try to re-share out the folder you'll get the main error as seen above.

Optional Attempt: If it was during a downtime or if the file server was not in production I would've probably tried to fail over again and see if it would magically reappear, but I didn't have the luxury.

Solution: I found the solution buried in this thread, but in a nutshell you have to go to regkey: HKLM\Cluster\Resources. Then wander around until you find the name of your share in the listing (In the area you will see all shares listed out). After you find it, just delete the listing at the root folder. Next try to go back to the original folder share it out. It worked immediately for me. No reboot necessary.