Monday, January 06, 2014

The Butler (Drama 2013)

Ever since The Last King of Scotland, I've seen what Forest Whitaker could do in terms of his acting skills. So with him in the staring role, I knew that good things were abound.

This movie was actually about the history of the Civil Rights Movement, but seen through the experiences of a White House butler. The plot used the butler's son in a Forest Gump sort of manner by tailing him through various major events in the 60s. Whitaker did a great job portraying his character, while the other famous face of Oprah was only OK. The storyline was engaging as it illustrated the transient and mostly polar nature of different White House Administrations. Funny how the background staff seemed to be employed for life.

I liked this movie. It didn't go too overboard in any specific area, but kept the whole story moving through historical events while showing the toll it took on the main character's personal life.
Rating - B