Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hours (Action Thriller 2013)

So this movie was one of Paul Walker's last ones. I actually don't recall him being in any other films other than the Fast and the Furious series. Either way this movie was pretty average. It was about a guy who has to keep his newborn alive after the electricity goes out in the hospital after Hurricane Katrina. The kicker is that everyone else has jet, the baby is plugged into a heavy ventilator that can't easily be moved, and he's keeping it running by using a wind-up generator that has a battery that is slowly depreciating in its max capacity. Get all that? Yeah in a nutshell it's like that scene from Lost where the peeps have to input a command into a computer at a fixed time interval.

The "situation" that the film presented to Walker's character was interesting in that it would really suck to have to do something at a fixed interval (2-10 min) while trying to survive, find help, find food, or even go to the bathroom. On top of that, one human being can only maintain this for x number of days before they would pass out from exhaustion.

So yeah the premise was interesting but the movie as a whole wasn't very good or developed.
Rating - C