Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Her (Romantic Drama 2013)

Gosh, this movie was hard to rate since the theme, content, and music were all spot on, but there were at least three scenes that I would not be able to re-watch again since I was too weirded out by them. Nothing ultra-freaky or anything, but merely not my cup of tea.

I really liked this movie. It was an very interesting mix of computer science A.I. theory, base relationship qualities and phases, and human emotion and development. It was a very different film to watch. A lot of peeps will hate it for its pace and weirdness, but for those who are able to enjoy slower films, where you spend your time watching facial expressions, voice tone, and diction usage, then you just may like it. The pace is similar to that of Lost in Translation, but it was a whole lot better than that.

I probably would've preferred analyzing someone else's face other than Joaquin Phoenix, but I do have to give him props, as he did a fantastic acting job conveying emotion through his expressions. Yeah the word I would use to describe this movie would be 'realistic'. It delved into the concepts of relationship progression, love, and human need, but it did it in a way whereby you didn't need to actually see two people on the screen. The vocal chemistry between the main character and the OS, voiced by Johansson, seemed very convincing and real, as I caught myself listening to every single word that was being used by the actors because the choice of words totally would convey different feelings and present different emotional states...very interesting.

So yeah, it took a few years, but another movie has successfully made me sit there and think after the credits started rolling. That and the music was beautifully integrated and added to the overall package.
Rating - A+