Friday, January 03, 2014

Captain Phillips (Suspense Drama 2013)

This movie dragged ass. The beginning and middle went by pretty fast, but then the latter 60% of the movie was spent in a little-ass life raft. I doubt that the whole scene in real life lasted as long as it did in this movie.

So yeah I didn't really like this film. Acting was blah, especially for Tom Hanks and an odd accent that he tried to take on for the part. The action scenes were few and far between and it just didn't feel like a worthwhile film to watch. The length of the movie made it even worse since they so could've cut it down by a whole hour just to finish it up within an effective time-frame.

But even if they did shorten it up, the drama itself wasn't very good since you didn't truly get to know any of the characters or give a shit about their plight. It was a movie filled with situations and nobody cares about situations, only characters.
Rating - C