Wednesday, January 15, 2014

About Time (Romantic Drama 2013)

You know it's a bit weird, but I really liked this movie. I'm sure others will have a differing opinion, but for a romantic, time-traveling type of film, it had a great embedded theme.

I did find it humorous that Rachel McAdams always seems to find herself in movies where the main dude travels in time, so yeah maybe that's her shtick? In this British movie, all of the actors did a fairly good job and I mostly understood what everyone was saying. It did feel like Love Actually though, which was another romantic British film that I liked the first time around.

This movie had some depth to it verses just being another romantic flick, so that's what won it some brownie points. I liked the story, dialog, and all of the mistakes that the main dude found himself in. Overall it was a solid, feel-good film.
Rating - A