Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Tower (Foreign Korean Thriller 2012)

This movie was reminiscent of films like Volcano or Speed where there's one main object that is the source of misery and panic. In this case it's a high-rise building that catches on fire and traps a group of peeps inside. A team of firefighters go in to try to save the day and the rest of the movie turns into a predictable set of events.

Because it's a Korean movie, you inevitably have your overly melodramatic scenes coupled with fair to good music integration. Lots of shots of people screaming and a bunch of weeping to push home the emotion as well.

I thought it was average all around. Characters were superficial, action was OK, and it was all in all a forgettable watch. I just remember stumbling by a trailer for this film once, and noticing how the music in it was pretty good. Too bad the movie didn't follow through.
Rating - C