Tuesday, December 10, 2013

State of Decay (3rd Person Shooter RPG PC Game 2013)

So when I heard about this game, being that of a Zombie Survival one where you have to maintain a base and all, I was oh so all over it. But like most things, it got old really fast. This one is a 3rd person shooter of sorts, reminiscent of GTA in terms of controls and gameplay. It was fun in the beginning but then you start noticing that it's essentially the same old thing.

The game itself only has 3 main parts: The first is having your simple base and maintaining it. I thought there would be more to this but really it was over-simplistic and kinda annoying as resources get depleted daily, and the 'radio girl' keeps on telling you to run random stupid errands. The use and misuse of resources barely has an effect on the game which pretty much makes maintaining it a moot point. Random people die, join, get pissy, etc...and none of it really makes any difference.

Second part is the actual "fun" that one might imagine. You wander around from building to building looting it for goods and returning said goods to your base. The crap thing is that you're highly hindered by one's backpack and the second you find a 'primary resource' being that of food, ammo, fuel, construction tools, etc...you can't carry anymore stuff and are forced to huff it all the way back to base. So the game becomes a repetitive set of tasks where you go from house to house, shuttling goods back to base, so they can be used up by imaginary survivors. In addition to this, the storage locker that everything is stored will change inventory a lot, so it kinda refills itself if you use up too much ammo and such. I know that the developers wanted to add some more realism to it, as in other survivors using up or refilling the resource pile, but it just felt stupid and unrealistic.

The last part of the game is a combination of all of the lame side tasks that you're randomly asked to take care of and the main storyline which is pretty bland. The rewards that you're given at the completion of said side tasks aren't worth the time, so again it turns into a greater set of pointlessness.

So yeah the game is an interesting thrust into the post-apoc zombie genre, but the fun didn't last very long at all. Thankfully it was only $13 during this Winter's Steam sale. I don't really know what would make the game more interesting...maybe multiplayer? Maybe more exploration? Maybe being able to give commands to other survivors to take care of piddly crap tasks? Who knows...but yeah one thing I did kinda learn is that in a real zombie apoc, being forced to scrounge for supplies day in and day out would get super boring really fast.
Rating - Low