Thursday, December 12, 2013

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4 Game 2013)

So it didn't take long at all to beat this game. It had to have been only 8 hours or so. For my first dive back in to console gaming I have to say that it was a bit disappointing. Some of the reason can be blamed for my lack of skill with these damn controllers but the gameplay wasn't all that with this shooter. The story was super blah and was absolutely nothing compared to any of the three games in the Mass Effect series. Bioware still has a lot on many other developers; sad how they sold out to EA.

So I've only played one other Killzone game for the PS3 way back in the day and I remember getting nauseous before stopping. Years later I think the reason for that reaction could be attributed to the TV I was using and its slower refresh rate. This game on a modern LCD was better, but yeah it felt more like a crapper version of Crysis than anything else.

For a gamer who's only interested in the main storyline, this one was not worth it, but alas how many other games are there for the PS4 right now? Not I think I'll play everything as long as I can sell off/trade off what I currently got. If there was more of a variety out there though, I'd totally skip this one.
Rating - Low