Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gravity (Sci-Fi Drama 2013)

Well this movie sucked me in. 'Intense' would be the correct word and the reason for this was 90% the music. Props to Steven Price, a composer who has probably convinced me to buy one of the tracks from the OST.

The movie only really had 2 people in it and if they would've picked a better main actor, a slot that was eaten up by Sandra Bullock, I may have maxed out the rating on it. Whatever anyone tells you, Sandra Bullock is not a very good actress. She could've been the same FBI agent from The Heat, and I wouldn't have even noticed.

The visuals, cinematography, and CGI effects were great. Not sure how they made it seem like they were really in space, but props to the director and his team. The movie was a great thrill-ride and I'm sure it would've been nuts to watch it in IMAX. Some actions by the main character were stupid, but overall the good outweighed the bad.

You really have to have a decent sound system or a nice pair of headphones to fully appreciate this film; it's one of the rare ones where music carried the story.
Rating - A