Saturday, November 16, 2013

Craigslist Losers

You know, one place that never fails to disappoint is Craigslist. For every item you post on there, you will undoubtedly receive around 2 to 4 spam-like responses wanting you to directly email some other external address, there will be 1 to 2 real people asking for a 90% discount, and you will at least have one person who gets oh so close to closing out the transaction but at the last second will flake out and not arrive or text you about lacking in 10-30% of the needed funds.

The most infuriating is the last one since you may already be waiting at the meeting place or driving there when you get that last text informing you of a problem. So yeah last weekend the exact thing happened. 30 min from Go Time, the asshole texts me and says that he is short $40 from the set $200+ price. There were warning signs of course, such as the first text immediately asking for a meeting time and place, and the second text asking a bunch of questions that were already stated in the product description. But this is the stuff you have to deal with: flaketastic CL buyers.

Ebay + Paypal will rape you close to 20% after all is said and done so that's always the trade-off. The only good thing about Ebay is that if a guy wants to start shit and return an item, they have to have enough gumption to re-pack and get the package to a UPS Store. Thankfully most peeps are lazy so transactions usually go through without a problem.