Thursday, October 24, 2013


So I recently had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Now Foods building out in Sparks. Seems like it's a new manufacturing and distribution facility that opened in the last year or so. I'm surprised that the company picked Northern Nevada as a location for anything really since this place is a hole. Either way it was a fairly clean facility and they seemed well-funded relatively speaking. I actually saw a few employees there of whom I worked with at a different company. They looked like they were more occupied and busy verses the last time I saw them; kudos for employment. But yeah this pic is from a vitamin-filling machine. Pretty badass how it has lasers to count the number of pills going in and auto twisters for the caps and labels. Go automation.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Charging Station

Ha! It finally seems like UNR has gotten with the times and got its first charging station installed. Go Parking & Transportation Department. I'm sure this only occurred because of political means since nothing else seems to help with forward progression at this institution. Either way, now I wouldn't mind having a Nissan Leaf even more-so.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Golly I can never find any time for anything these days it seems. Well as you may have guessed I am super busy and will be occupied until late December. Hopefully after that time the wonderful reviews will begin again and I can do things that have more meaning..."like reading books instead of burning them" haha.

But let's change gears to cars. The Infiniti is gone...I have lost count of how many cars that I've gone through since my first Civic but it's insane...and stupid at the same time. Don't really want to go through calculations to see how much money was lost through depreciation or forced/rushed sales and such but yeah it probably adds up to how much regular people spend on alcohol or how much some females spend on products. But yeah it's odd how I can't seem to find a car that I can just stick with. Maybe that's because nobody is making the right model. Since the sale of the Infiniti I've been looking at older cars that I had always wanted but those now seem like bad ideas. For example the 1999 Acura CL 2.3. That was my college car that I always wanted but could never afford. Turns out that it takes premium gas and the automatic transmission on the model had a bunch of problems that Honda/Acura never correctly resolved. Yeah...forget a whole bunch of that. Next is a 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T. This one seems viable but yeah if something ever happens to the fancy-dancy key then I could be up shit creek because there are no real dealers anymore to reprogram the electronics. Additionally they still have some quirks that would need fixing and I would have to search for parts and some place to assist with the fixing. Not sure if I'm game for that type of drama since any 9-3 would probably have around 90k if I wanted to pay very little for the car.

So yeah it sucks I keep on jumping from one car requirement to some other preference to some deterrent and nothing ever seems to add up. The 9-2x was a stick so thus I hated it. But to give manual transmissions some credit I don't think I like how Subarus behave engine and transmission-wise thus it could've just been the car and not the stick. I've driven other stick cars since then and none of them have annoyed me as much.

The Civic EX was nice and got good gas mileage. It was my first coupe so there was a love/hate thing going on. You love looking at it because all coupes look better than their sedan counterparts, but you end up hating the blind spots and how inefficient it is when you need to move anything.

The Impreza was a good car as well but I absolutely hated the 4-speed auto that it came with. Now the Subies have a CVT so it may be better but yeah it still annoys me even to think about it. Working on the Subie was a bit 'eh' as well. I didn't like where the spark plugs were because you had to take the damn thing apart to get to 'em, but all the fluids were in easy-to-reach places and there was a lot of room in the engine bay. Interior materials held up pretty well as the years went on so that was a good plus. That car never left me stranded in the snow either so some props can be given in that regard.

The 9-5 was fast but it just wasn't what I wanted in terms of length (I really wanted a 9-3 instead of it) and MPG. Now compared to the Infiniti, the Saab's 22-27MPG really wasn't that bad but who would've known back then. This car was a panic sale which I shouldn't have done but and learn. It probably would've still been with me assuming nothing major broke.

The Fit was a fun car but the interior cloth was way too cheap. There were 2 spots where holes would've appeared with a few more months of use. But the cargo space in that thing was awesome and gas mileage was a stable 34MPG. If my 09 model year had had steering wheel controls for the audio I think I probably would've kept it.

And then we get to the Infiniti G. When I sold it I felt nothing and that really sucks because I should've felt something, right? I very much enjoyed the handling and seats and all but man it just irked me to death that it got 20MPG consistently and would barely budge past 24MPG during long-distance highway driving. That's what you call an inefficient engine. Yeah gassing up that car cost around $60 every 2 weeks and that blew ass. In the end I guess it was a good thing that I got a new jobby and stopped driving it much, but yeah I still don't know what was more annoying the MPG or the Premium gas thing. I do know that working on the car wasn't fun either. The engine bay was way too cramped and important parts were located in funny, hard-to-reach places. Other Nissan interiors look similar so yeah food for thought there.

Now I'm in boringville with the Prius. We'll see how it handles through the winter. I really just want a smaller car that is cheap as fuck that I can work on if it breaks. Then it would give me a nice project to be on and I would've feel as though I was losing money through depreciation. A while ago there was a 2001 Saab 9-3 on CL but I didn't want to risk the fact that it could've had an oil sludge problem and the owner didn't have shit for records. I also know that if I ever get another boring normal car or something I would so not be happy with it either. So thus the search goes on although it'll be a while before I'm actually in the market to buy anything again. CL is a funny place for car shopping though, and sometimes awesome deals do fly by. It just sucks that I have to scroll through so many damn trucks and jeeps and other craptacular automobiles like Mercury's and Pontiacs. Ne-vah-duh!!