Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hawaiian Taste?

So Costco just got a new flavor of K-Cup Coffee. It says that it's a Hawaiian blend but yeah it doesn't taste like anything that can remind a person of Hawaii. It still tastes pretty good, but it's on on par with the other good flavors that exist out there. I wouldn't pay any more for this blend.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Ever Been to North Carolina?

So on a recent trip I got to spend time in North Carolina for a weekend. What impression was I left with? A trifecta of insect, trees, and discrete racism.

So yeah there are weird insects everywhere. I got bit no less than 6 times and the odd welts that the bites left really gets you wondering. They didn't look like mosquito bites so I guess they could've been from a spider or some other freak insect but yeah who knows.

The second thing I noticed was how green it was. Of course I live in no mans land so who am I to compare or complain, but yeah there are trees, grass, and humidity everywhere. My skin loved it and it actually wasn't too bad...not ultra stifling like a Florida or some other tropical destination.

The last thing I noticed was the discrete racism. It's discrete because it's done using only the eyes, face, and a bit of body language. Nobody said anything rude directly to you but oh did they gave you that "look". Everyone I talked to who wasn't Caucasian pretty much experienced the same thing after arriving. Odd how it was so prevalent in this state, but I guess that's why they call it the South. There were some nice folks who were overly chatty with their accents and all, but they were few and far between.

It was nice to see another part of country although now I've definitely crossed off this state as being habitable.

Valkyrie Burning (Warrior's Wings) by Evan Currie (Book 2012)

Well here's to another great continuation to this series. The book followed the same successful equation as the two before it making for an exciting and engaging story. Everything made sense and played together into a well-built plot in both land and space. Very much looking forward to clearing out the last book in the series although I doubt they'll be able to answer every question that needs answering.
Rating - High

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Heat (Comedy 2013)

So this movie was pretty funny at times but then it was lame at times as well. Sandra Bullock is really getting old. This is the first gig I remember seeing her in since Miss Congeniality. She's actually a pretty crappy actress when compared to others I've seen in movies throughout the summer.

Yeah so this film did make me laugh 2-3 times but a lot of the humor was your average low-brow shit that came out of Melissa McCarthy. Not that I'm all about high-brow humor but it was a little too much at times and those incidences only got a slight smile or chuckle.

For what it was, it did make me laugh and was entertaining but it was nothing but average.
Rating - C

Monday, September 02, 2013

The Colony (Sci-Fi Action 2013)

Man this movie sucked ass. The first few intro scenes made you feel like there may be some fun here but then the whole thing fizzled super quick. The whole thing was so short it made me think that the copy I was watching had a whole chunk missing someplace.

The plot consisted of a group of peeps from one colony going to investigate a distress call from a second colony, then coming back, then getting attacked, then the movie ends. It was a lame ending and yeah nothing at all happened. No explanation or conclusion, just a horribly made film.
Rating - D