Monday, August 19, 2013

Per 20 Min Parking

So recently a trip was taken in a car to San Francisco. I've been there may times in the past but never driving. What I discovered was how insanely difficult it was to have and drive a car there. There's virtually no parking and you have to scour the world to find a damn parking garage. When you do, you're presented with insane prices ranging anywhere from $3 to $8 per 20 Min. Yup that's right, they plain just done away with the concept of 1 hour parking because they're too fucking greedy.

There're 2 negatives right off the bat...first is that you're forced to do math with numbers that aren't divisible by 5; we all know how inconvenient that it. Next is that you have to figure out how many 20s are in 1 hour. Easy if you're sitting all calm and jolly in your home, but not easy if you've just taken an awkward turn towards a parking garage and positioned your car in a very odd 70 degree angle in the middle of a lane. During this time packs of pedestrians are mindlessly rubbing up against your front bumper and a whole train of cars behind you are honking up a storm because you can't get out of the way fast enough.

To make matters worse, there are hidden one-way streets all over the place and many peeps in mini-delivery trucks or buses are blocking off various lanes on either side of the street depending on if its one-way or not. If you don't know which street to turn on you can either become stuck behind a bus for a few minutes or you'll miss your turn completely because there's no friggin' way to get back into a lane after you exit. You need like one whole block to strategically plan for any lane change or risk getting rear-ended or sideswiped. Even the GPS can't help you on the micro-block level. Yeah driving in a big city sucks ass.