Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dishonored (FPS PC Game 2012)

So this game was a mix of Thief and Half-Life 2. Thief was an old school FPS where stealth was a large part of its gameplay and HL2 was what this game felt like it was built on engine-wise. Not sure if it really used the same engine but combat totally felt similar as the mobs were blocky and moved in weirdly-animated ways.

The game was kinda blah to be honest. I liked some parts of the stealth kills and magic, but the straight-on combat felt funny. The story was interestingish, but it seemed a bit too short and all of the "missions" were pretty much the same thing over and over again except in different locations. I didn't feel like there was a purpose in me being in one setting vs. another.

I got it during the Steam Summer sale so for around $10 not bad, just not great either. I cleared the game in a few days of casual playing so not a lot for longevity. Either way it was OK just not that impressive.
Rating - Mid