Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wolverine (Action 2013)

So this movie was much better than the Origins one, so that’s something we can get out of the way promptly. This one was pretty much all based in Japan which was cool. It’s always nice to see different scenery in a film. Action was good, but no blood or arms flying off and such which is what would realistically happen since it’s Wolverine we’re talking about, but oh well.

There were 2 primary chicks in the movie: Rila Fukushima, who has been in other movies I’ve seen, and whom I could barely understand, but the second chick, Tao Okamoto had excellent English-speaking skills and was quite good for a relatively unknown actress. She did a great job supporting Hugh Jackman while he did his regular Wolverine routine. The story was OK but it wasn't as good as X-Men: First Class. The ending was a letdown as it wasn't as cool as I thought it could’ve been but least it wasn't another Origins.
Rating - B