Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Europa Report (Sci-Fi Drama 2013)

This movie reminded me of Moon in that it was low budget but it had a very specific feel and theme to it. The theme for this one is related to how much one would sacrifice in the name of science and exploration.

What we have is a group of astronauts that are sent to a moon of Jupiter to try to land and take samples. They run into problems and some peeps die. Most of them die because they tried to push the envelope just a bit more. Some occurrences were justified but others were kinda dumb...but it goes to show the level of risk people will put themselves in. I think realistically most people would play it safe in space since taking one misstep will probably be your last because space is a vacuum and you only have so much Oxygen available.

I liked the ending because it had to do with an endgame decision related to the greater good.
Rating - B