Friday, June 21, 2013

Man of Steel (Action 2013)

Alright, just got back from the theater so everything is fresh in my head. Let me just start out with the fact that the music in this film was great. MI was very well done and it does get a rise out of you. Next positive is that this is the first Superman movie that actually spent a pretty good amount of time on Krypton and on some of the background of the other Kryptonians. Another positive was the style of storytelling as the main plot moved along but had a good number of flashback scenes which were all well placed.

Now to the bad and pretty much the only bad. This movie had WAY too many fist fight scenes. I mean how many times can you see someone get tossed through 6 skyscrapers or get slammed to the asphalt or get sent through a train? It was much too overdone, and I shit you not, a solid 35-40% of this movie was CG fighting where this type of hand to hand combat was going on. Those computer animators must've been very busy during development.

There was this odd God, morality, evolution thing going on which I didn't appreciate either. Good thing I ignored hints of this, but yeah, keep that shit out of my action movies.

So it's weird. Emotionally I did get into this film because the music was indeed superb, but I wasn't really entertained as much as I should've been. Louis Lane was ugly, the most interesting character was one of Zod's female officers, and Superman screamed one too many times. Definitely worth a watch but how much is that 'worth'?
Rating - B