Friday, May 24, 2013

The First Bird: Episode 1 by Greig Beck (Book 2013)

At last, another great adventure written by Greig Beck. In this new story we're no longer following the Arcadian, but instead Matt Kerns, the linguist from Beneath the Dark Ice. The plot takes us to the Amazonian rain forest in South America as a multi-talented group of scientists, doctors, and academics search of a cure for a parasitic infestation and the origin of a bird long believed to have been extinct.

Beck again creates an intelligent and balanced mix of action, history, science, and romantic flair that clinches the attention of the reader. I sped through this book in less than a day only to discover that I'll have to wait until Episode 2 gets released to find out what happens next; very exciting. This story is highly engaging and equally reaches the level of quality of Beck's past works.
Rating - High