Monday, April 22, 2013

Your Sister's Sister (Drama 2011)

Yeah don't know why this is listed as a comedy because I didn't laugh once throughout this film. It had a kinda dumb premise with an unappealing main actor being that of Mark Duplass. Having to look at some boring dude for a few hours sure can put a damper on one's movie-watching experience.

Either way, as one can see from the trailer, dude sleeps with his best friend's (female) sister during a drunken evening all the while the BF actually liked the guy in the first place; hijinks ensues. Not the most original plot but I've seen worse.

The movie was set at a lake house near the Seattle area so we're talking gloomy and foggy with lots of plad, foresty jackets. Quite dull for ambiance. The plot and acting were blah and yeah the overall feel was too slow and pointless. Having a weak and unstable main male character really didn't help. No bueno.
Rating - C