Saturday, April 20, 2013

Liberal Arts (Drama 2012)

So this movie wasn't too bad, but the ending kinda sucked so that partially ruined it for me. The story revolved around this guy who I woulda hated back in of those intellectual bastards who loved crappy books and enjoyed talking about how deep they were and how cultured he was because he read them. I would characterize these guys as one step above those barefoot, guitar-playing assholes who were magnets for those all sorts of insecure girls ready to make their initial mistakes in higher education.

But yeah this movie was about one of these guys who returns to his alma mater and befriends a super young chick played by Elizabeth Olsen who is actually quite good looking and not a bad actress. Unfortunate that she's related to those coked-out twins.

So yeah the whole beginning and middle of the story was great...the developing relationship between the two main characters was both interesting and compelling to watch, but then it got stupid and then the ending happened. Yeah I'll just spoil it for you and say that the guy ends up with this ugly book-reader. I wasn't rooting for the guy, but I was looking forward to Olsen making a cameo for the sake of the story, but that just didn't happen. If you're an educated person you may find this film kinda entertaining up until 65% through, but if you're not then yeah this movie will bore you to death.
Rating - C