Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Impossible (Drama 2012)

This movie is one where the trailer was much cooler than the movie itself. The film followed around a family on vacation over in the pacific when that huge Tsunami hit a few years back. I'd have to say that the drama really wasn't there. Sure the actors and extras wandering around all dumbfounded were convincing, and the hospital that was the location of a good chunk of the film was realistic, but it didn't quite feel like there was enough substance.

I'd wager that the majority of the cost of this film was spent during that one Tsunami scene and all the edits and takes it took. Same thing with Waterworld. For some reason filming in or with water costs a bunch of money. Either way not even Watts and Obi-wan could bring this film back up to snuff. It was sub-par and tried too hard to tug at one's heartstrings.
Rating - C