Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Honour of the Knights (Battle for the Solar System Book: 1) by Stephen J Sweeney (Book 2009)

This was a pretty darn good book. Got it free from Amazon so yay for demo books. There are 2 more in the series so I'll definitely be jumping on them in the near future.

The story revolves around a small group of starfighter pilots who are in a war with an unknown enemy that has taken control of another major power in the universe. It was kinda confusing in the beginning because I had no idea who was actually fighting who, but I think I connected all of the Lego blocks.

Either way the characters were well developed, the story started out slow but got very intriguing towards the end, and yeah it reminded me a lot of Starstrikers minus the fact that these pilots are just aviators and not multirole troopers. I always like a good space military story centered around a small squad of peeps, and this plot had just that.
Rating - High