Friday, January 18, 2013

The Five-Year Engagement (Romantic Comedy 2012)

Yeah I haven't really given any priase to any romantic comedies in years because they have all pretty much sucked. These days the only comedies you see are the ones that totally have the cookie cutter plot of girl meets guy, they hit it off, girl finds out that guy is lying about something important or has purposely not revealed some sort of important information, they break up, then they get back together in the end. The other comedy is something like Ted where a liberal use of hilarious, crude hijinks is utilized to get laughs. This movie was neither of these and somehow it totally came out on top.

Romantic comedies rarely get exceptional ratings because they just don't, but this one did. From the get go I was laughing at least once at every scene but it was because the comedy and dialog was actually quite funny and/or realistic. I'm not sure what it was as it didn't seem like it was written in the same way a normal screenplay is usually done. The conversations seemed quite natural and I think that is what helped the humor along. It reminded me of how my friends used to banter back and forth and sometimes they would strike gold with one or two sentences comebacks. Either way this movie had a bunch of this and yeah it was pretty funny. Maybe it was the chemistry between actors as well? Who knows, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie.
Rating - A