Sunday, January 13, 2013

Farcry 3 (FPS PC Game 2012)

So this was a pretty fun winter game. I spent quite a few hours to complete the main storyline but if I wanted to complete all of the sub-quests and find various special relics and such it would've taken quite a bit more time.

The whole setting is an open-world environment with 2 main islands although both islands are more/less the same. It has outposts where you can quick-travel to and it also has things like jeeps, ATVs, and hand-gliders to get around in.

Combat is pretty good/accurate. It has a whole slew of guns and mods. One thing is that a headshot will not result in a head being taken off the enemy model so that was a bit odd. Same with body parts and such so I think they wanted it more PG in that regard.

Story was OK but the main character and his 'friends' seemed like a pack of wealthy douchebags. The NPCs were all tribal folk so their accent got annoying after a while but the general voice acting was good.

Overall it was fun and there weren't many annoyances other than it was totally built for the console. It was plenty worth the $29 sale price it cost to buy it.
Rating - High