Saturday, January 05, 2013

Day by Day Armageddon: Shattered Hourglass by J.L. Bourne (Book 2012)

Yeah what's unfortunate is that the first Day by Day book was the second story (First was WWZ) that allowed me to get into my huge Zombie binge that I'm still wading through. That first book was so intriguing and well written that I jumped right into the genre and didn't look back. Beyond Exile was equally good as it did everything it was supposed to, which was to tell a story, create real characters with depth, and have an interesting premise that keeps the story and characters going. Unfortunately this third book did not live up to expectations.

Yeah the beginning of this book was OK but then it kinda went into this burst mode where large swaths of the plot were glazed over and not fully described. Everything near the middle and especially the end were rushed and the actual ending climax wasn't elaborated upon and in my opinion was terrible. There was even one major section of the book that was 100% pointless as in it was totally unnecessary to have the whole section except to kill off some red-shirt characters.

Yeah the ending blew chunks all over the series. At least I still have memories of what Day by Day Armageddon used to be, but yeah something definitely happened to the author's writing style to cause him to rush the plot and turn the whole ending into a joke. All sorts of disappointing...
Rating - Mid