Friday, December 28, 2012

Borderlands 2 (FPS PC Game 2012)

So it seems as though I'm temporarily back into PC Gaming for a while. Why? Well that's simple. Work is stressful, life is equally stressful, it's freezing outside, and I don't like drinking or sports so what is a guy to do? Play video games. For a long while there was an extended lull with nothing to play, but slowly more games are appearing that are getting better reviews and aren't too immature. Unfortunately this game isn't one of those.

So yeah, I kinda got tricked into this one. All the reviews were very positive and the Youtube videos looked decent enough so I thought I would give it a go. I had this game in mind as sorta a backup while I was actually waiting around  for someone to post the sale of a Farcry 3 code, but Gamefly had a sale on this game for $29.99 so I jumped on it.

Let me be short and sum up this game. It's an FPS of Torchlight that is set in a static/respawning world with guns. Ok so it's not exactly the same but you'll get the same feel for it just like I did after playing Torchlight for a few days. All you do is kill things and do missions to move the main storyline along. Most weapons suck until you get something better, and then you keep on killing baddies and upgrading weapons to no end. This circle of gameplay got boring really fast. The cartoony feel of the graphics is different but I just didn't like playing in the world. The human mobs were totally forced to look and behave like dumb post-apoc raiders and for some reason that just annoyed me. The only positive parts were some of the dialog and jokes. If I were 16 again I would probably would've had a blast with it, but I'm not.

When launching the game through Steam on a PC, the co-op mode drops connections 90% of the time. I read on some forums that others have experienced this as well...terrific. Additionally I think many peeps are playing the DLCs meaning that if you don't have the DLCs installed, you are left out of the queue pool with most other players. This is just a guess as the active games to choose from were not as populated as I thought they would be. If the multiplayer portion worked it might've been a difference experience for me but I doubt it since I really didn't have fun playing it.

Yeah overall I thought it was disappointing and not worth the $30. It is a $10 game; $15 if the multiplayer worked correctly.
Rating - Mid